Last Summer's Trip to Fulford Cave

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We pitched our tent at around 10,000 feet on July 12, 2003. A few minutes later we noticed a track, perhaps left by a bear, next to a mud puddle full of mosquito larvae. Well, we decided to stay there anyway.

We spent several hours inside Fulford Cave... it was cold underground, and quite dark. This cave, the eighth largest in Colorado, is located at an elevation of 9,880 feet in the White River National Forest. A total length of 2,600 feet has been mapped, and a small but turbulent stream flows through 300 feet and several rooms. The passages vary in size, the longest is the Breakdown Room at 300 feet and the tallest is the Register Room at 60 feet. Several sections have ropes from previous expeditions.

On the way home, I took a few photos of the sunset and moon rise.